Hand painted Mermaid with red tail

The hand painted Mermaid is a representation that shows at the bottom of the sea a beautiful enchanting siren, whose red fin, thanks to the full strokes and the color decided , is radiant and stands out in the deep blue of the abyss succeeding in capturing the gaze of the observer.

The mermaid’s hair spreads over the water and the braids give life to a vaporous effect.

It is a mystery because it shows modesty and tries to hide its nudity as if someone could even see it at the bottom of the sea.

The particularity of the hand painted Mermaid with red tail is that it was made with the use of only one arm due to a temporary accident.

Draf hand painted Mermaid

However this is one of the best successful works.

This reinforces the fact that it is not only the technique necessary for good performance but that it is above all a question of transport and to support creative inspiration at a given moment of high artistic inspiration.

Hand painted Mermaid with red tail


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