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Welcome to Monica Caiazzo’s website.

Monica Caiazzo is a fashion designer who expresses her creative flair also in painting.

Although she is busy with his work, she nevertheless manages to create paintings in his spare time or on commission.

Surely she is able to represent portraits or any requested subject.

Italian contemporary artists, with a growing style, could soon be included in the list of the best emerging painters.

You can therefore view and choose from the works already created or in any case also request the realization of a painting on a subject of your liking.

You can access the complete catalog via the menu or by selecting an item from the “catalog category” list such as original paintings , to view all of them accordingly the works.

Of course, to request information or a quote for a particular design, you can send a message via the contact form .

Obviously all the works are hand painted from Monica Caiazzo, in a single copy and provided with a certificate of authenticity.


Here are some examples of the latest works.

"Every man has a woman in himself and every woman has a man in him." These are the words of
Quadro Zebre
The zebra is an apparently tranquil animal, but of a wild and unpredictable nature that lives in a herd. Thanks
dipinti a mano serenità
The hand paintings Family Serenity and Maternal Embrace are primarily two paintings made in a moment of great inspiration and
The hand painted Mermaid is a representation that shows at the bottom of the sea a beautiful enchanting siren, whose