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Contemporary art exhibition “Animus et Anima”

“Every man has a woman in himself and every woman has a man in him.”

These are the words of C. G. Jung, psychoanalyst and anthropologist, according to which Animus and Anima are the two archetypes that give us perhaps better than others a vision of how dual being can be.


This is the theme of the contemporary art exhibition “Animus et Anima” which will take place from 23 February to 6 March 2019, in the San Severo al Pendino complex, in via Duomo in Naples.

In this exhibition will also be exposed the latest work of the painter Monica Caiazzo made giving free interpretation and expression to the theme of dualism between male and female.

The exhibition will last 12 days and on the 23rd and 24th it will be an opportunity to meet her, as Monica Caiazzo will attend the room.


Monica Caiazzo Animus Et Anima

His work therefore defines the SOUL that feminine energy present in the psyche of man and ANIMUS that masculine energy present in the psyche of the woman.

Just as every feeling contains its opposite, hatred coexists with love, submission with prevarication, conscious with the unconscious, duality also applies to the two biological kinds, the masculine and the feminine.

So the SOUL is defined as that feminine energy present in the psyche of man and ANIMUS that masculine energy present in the psyche of the woman.

Present in the collective imagination forever and metaphorized in dreams and in art, the Soul brings to consciousness the principle of EROS, or love, that is, stimulates union, the Animus brings to consciousness the principle of LOGOS, or reason, that is, it emphasizes the distinction: the Soul means bond, union, protection, affectivity, care, maintenance, while the Animus specularly means reflexivity, control, analysis, weighting, rationality, calculation, decision, programming, distinction.

Only the perfect integration of both these two forces, masculine and feminine, embracing and maintaining the two energies, will lead the individual to the harmonization of his being, just as a candle is the whole of light and shadow.


Award cerimony The Call of Angels

We are proud to announce that on 03/06/2018, Monica Caiazzo was rewarded in the city of Mercogliano as first classified for her painting that took part in the competition called “the call of the angels”.

This work is dedicated to two very young boys and their untimely death.
The intent of the author is not to represent the pain of loss or suffering of the disease, but wants to convey the serenity and light-heartedness, typical of the young age of the boys to whom the competition is dedicated.
The two are sitting in the sky and playing with soap bubbles, her gaze is directed towards the viewer as if to convey the sense of peace that she herself feels. Behind them the Divine light, symbol of the loving presence of the Father who watches over all of us.

Quadro donato per il richiamo degli angeli

The painting will remain on permanent display in the library of the Loreto Abbey of Mercogliano.